Short Essays on Aspects of Foodways in Dhofar, Oman – What to Eat Where When and How

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Foodways and Society in Dhofar, Oman

These short essays on cooking/ food in Dhofar are not meant to be exhaustive or prescriptive. From purchasing food, cooking, eating and doing formal interviews with Dhofari informants for over ten years, as well as academic inquiries, I am attempting to build up a general picture of Dhofari foodways, with the understanding that there are elements I am missing and there is a wide variety of practices between house-holds. [n.b. when I write “Dhofari” I am referring to Omanis who live in Dhofar, although there are many people from different countries who live in Dhofar with their own food traditions.]

Food Research/ Corona Virus in Oman

Common Food Terms in Dhofar, Oman (updated)

Bibliographies: Research on Dhofar, Food & Anthropology, and Teaching Literature

What I’ve Been Reading: Food, Cooking, Cuisine, Culture, Anthropology, & History

Data for my presentation “The Costs and Benefits of Fishing in Southern Oman,” Sept. 1, ‘Fish as Food’ conference, International Comm. on the Anthro. of Food and Nutrition

Photos for my presentation “The Costs and Benefits of Fishing in Southern Oman,” Sept. 1, ‘Fish as Food’ conference, International Comm. on the Anthro. of Food and Nutrition

Foodways: Researching Fishing Practices in Dhofar and Selected Bibliographies

Foodways: Fishing from or near the Shore – Sardines

Foodways: Fishing from or near the Shore – Boxes

Foodways: Catching Lobsters and Diving for Abalone

Foodways: Fish traps

Foodways and Society presentation – BRISMES 2019

Living Expat – Grocery Stores

Why I Don’t Cook – Thinking about Food Exchanges

May Bsisu’s The Arab Table – Reading Recipes for Cultural Understandings

Food Here and There/ Missing Food

Cooking in a Chair?!? – Abductive Reasoning and Foodways in Khareef

Food Tastes Better in the Rain – Khareef in Salalah

Cognitive Dissonance and Food Identification

‘Little c’ Culture: Flooded Roads and Cheese Triangles

Foodways Images – Humor, Disseminating Information, and the Instagram Food/ Money Connection

Food Perceptions – Honey

Images of Food in Ramadan – Iftar Humor and Iftar in Beautiful Places

Ramadan and Foodways – Images of food in connection to greetings and good behavior, Vimto and selling food

Iftar in Dhofar – Typical Food Choices

Food Usually Served at Weddings in Dhofar

What We Talk About When We Talk About Drinks and Sweets in Dhofar

Examples of Picnic Cooking – Dhofar

Considering Cartoons/ Graphic Art about Foodways

Food Terminology: Life is not Life, Curry is not Curry, Chutney is not Chutney

Foodways and Society in Oman – Food and Culture

Foodways and Society in Oman – Pragmatics of When and What to Eat

Foodways and Society in Oman – Changing Food Choices

Breakfast is ready!

Lunch is ready!

Snack is ready!

Cooking is a Language – Excerpt from the essay “The Culinary Triangle: What can Claude Lévi-Strauss teach us about food fads today?” by Sara Davis

Selected Bibliography: Animals, Birds and Fish in Southern Oman

Frankincense in Dhofar, Oman

A Sense of Place – Everyday Images of Food and Plants in Dhofar

Dhofari Picnics

Quote on entertaining from Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford (1853)

“Arabic Coffee,” a poem by Naomi Shihab Nye