Steve Cass, teacher and friend

Today is truly a “sorrowing day.” I am grieving the loss of my dear friend and co-teacher, Steve Cass. I met him my first day at work and our offices were next to each others for more than 10 years. A kind and patient man who devoted all his energy to teaching, we had endless talks about how to teach well. He found joy in helping students learn and spent many happy years as head of the Learning Support Center. His legacy of education can be seen in the sadness of all who knew him and the many accolades from former students.  We will all miss him very much – his smile, his positivity, his gentleness, his honesty and bravery in always fighting for what was right for the students.
“The Tray,” Naomi Shihab Nye
Even on a sorrowing day
the little white cups without handles
would appear
filled with steaming hot tea
in a circle on the tray,
and whatever we were able
to say or not say,
the tray would be passed,
we would sip
in silence,
it was another way
lips could be speaking together,
opening on the hot rim,
swallowing in unison.
photo by Stephen J. Cass