Houseways – Interiors and Exteriors in Dhofar


Reflections on Houseways Research

Updated bibliography for Houseways in Southern Oman, June 2022

Photos of houses in the Salalah area


Houseways in Dhofar: Placement of Furniture and Sightlines

Houseways: How to “Read” a House for Information about the Occupants

Houseways: Talking Privately in Crowded Rooms

Houseways: Entrance Ways – Form Follows Function

Houseways: Doorways – Design and Culture

Houseways: Who Visits Which Rooms?

Houseways: ‘Homespaces’ Away from Home

HOUSEWAYS – Details of houses

Houseways: Comparisons – Types of Rooms and Sightlines

Houseways – Roofs (how one aspect of house design affects other aspects)

Houseways: Windows/ Design, Construction and Safety

Houseways – Windows/ Sightlines


Houseways: House construction, part 1

Houseways: House Construction, part 2

Houseways: House plans

Houseways: Dhofari/ non-Dhofari house plans


Houseways – Types of Apartments Buildings (Family/ Public)

Houseways – Rental Apartments in Dhofar, Khareef and Dhofari/ Non-Dhofari Designs

Houseways – Balancing Privacy and Hospitality within an Apartment

Houseways – Cultural Perspectives and Movement within an Apartment: The Practicalities of Having Guests


Foodways – Kitchens, General Discussion and Changes  

Foodways – Where to Eat: Kitchen, Salle, Majlis

Foodways – Images of Interiors with Food: “We are Ready” and “Good Words”

Foodways in Southern Oman – Images of Kitchens

Foodways – Images of Galley Kitchens


Houseways in Southern Dhofar: Selected References

Pre-historical and Historical Houseways in the Dhofar Region: Selected References