Foodways in Southern Oman – Short Essays and Images

Updated bibliography from my research on Foodways in Southern Oman

Foodways in Southern Oman – Images of Kitchens

Foodways – Kitchens, General Discussion and Changes  

Foodways – Where to Eat: Kitchen, Salle, Majlis

Foodways – Images of Interiors with Food: “We are Ready” and “Good Words”

Foodways – Images of Galley Kitchens

Foodways in Southern Oman – Historical Sources

Common Food Terms in Dhofar, Oman (updated)

Cookbook, Coffee and and the “Omani Sandwich”

Food Research/ Corona Virus in Oman

Images – “Made in Oman” symbol, Women’s Day and “Facing Corona”

Corona, Curfew and Dinner (and good graphics)

Selected Bibliography: Animals, Birds and Fish in Southern Oman

Dreaming of Dhofari Picnics

Dhofari Picnics

Bread in Dhofar

Food Photos by Salwa Hubais

Living Expat – Grocery Stores

Why I Don’t Cook – Thinking about Food Exchanges

May Bsisu’s The Arab Table – Reading Recipes for Cultural Understandings

Food Here and There/ Missing Food

Cooking in a Chair?!? – Abductive Reasoning and Foodways in Khareef

Food Tastes Better in the Rain – Khareef in Salalah

Cognitive Dissonance and Food Identification

‘Little c’ Culture: Flooded Roads and Cheese Triangles

Foodways Images – Humor, Disseminating Information, and the Instagram Food/ Money Connection

A Sense of Place – Everyday Images of Food and Plants in Dhofar

Ramadan and Foodways – Images of food in connection to greetings and good behavior, Vimto and selling food

Images of Food during Ramadan – Iftar Humor and Iftar in Beautiful Places

Iftar in Dhofar – Typical Food Choices

Food Perceptions – Honey

Food Often Served at Weddings in Dhofar

What We Talk About When We Talk About Drinks and Sweets in Dhofar

Examples of Picnic Cooking – Dhofar

Considering Cartoons/ Graphic Art about Foodways

Food Terminology: Life is not Life, Curry is not Curry, Chutney is not Chutney

Foodways and Society in Oman – Pragmatics of When and What to Eat

Foodways and Society in Oman – Food and Culture

Breakfast is ready!

Snack is ready!

Lunch is ready!

Cooking is a Language