Literature, Language, History, Education, Anthropology and Cultural Studies in Southern Oman

Dr. Marielle Risse has taught literature, culture and education classes at the university level in Oman for twelve years and in the United Arab Emirates for two years. Her research areas are comparative literature, Dhofari cultures, and intercultural communication. Her work has been published in the Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, Pedagogy, Journeys: The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing, Ariel: A Review of International English Literature, Interdisciplinary Humanities, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, TESOL Arabia’s Perspective, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Washington Post. She has published chapters in Khadija bint Alawi al-Thahab’s My Grandmother’s Stories: Folk Tales from Dhofar, Literature Teaching in EFL/ESL: New Perspectives, Emanations, and Travel Culture (Praeger). She has presented at the BRISMES, MESA, MLA, ACLA, BFSA, HERA, and RGS annual conferences as well as the Maritime Exploration and Memory Conference at National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, the Joint Seminar of The Folklore Society and the Royal Anthropological Institute at the Royal Anthropological Institute, ‘Navigating Networks: Women, Travel, and Female Communities’ – an Interdisciplinary Conference Hosted by the Travel Cultures Seminar Series at the University of Oxford, TESOL Arabia and Sultan Qaboos University.